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Will You Marry Me, Again by Pear Heart

Chapter 35
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Chapter 35 I’ll Give Her My Life

“I’ll give her my life if that’s what she wants.”

The family had owed her too much, and she was right to take her revenge.

Hearing this, Rita stumbled backward a few steps, shocked.

“What the hell has Maia done to you? She no longer pretends to be innocent as she once did, and yet

you want to offer her your life?”

Palming her chest, Rita felt she could hardly breathe. She was bewildered as to why her son would

side with Maia now.

Ignoring Rita, Cedric instructed the bodyguard at the door, “Send her home.”

“Right away, sir.”

Cedric then strode away, ignoring Rita’s calls. Despite being used by Maia, Cedric was in a good


Maia, on the other hand, had mixed feelings.

She planned to take a cab back to her apartment after leaving the hotel. However, she was uneasy that

Cedric did not erupt in rage as she had expected. He even played along just now.

He even admitted that if she had died in the fire, he would be heartbroken.

Bewildered, Maia wondered what it was all about. Was he up to something?


She looked up and saw Nigel standing anxiously by his car.

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“Hey, Nigel,” she said with a smile and walked over.

“I was so worried about you!”

“I’m fine.” Maia twirled to show that she was.

“I saw Zera run out in tears. You must be having fun, huh?” Nigel opened the car door with a


Maia impressed him even more after a year had passed. He knew she was as good as her mother,

Rosa, the legendary businesswoman.

Getting in the car, Maia said, “Well, consider this a prelude to what I plan to do.”

“Maia, have you thought this through? Are you sure about taking your revenge?”

“I won’t spare those who once hurt me!”



Rita and Zera pushed her around and even caused her to miscarry due to her kind nature. Maia

suspected they were responsible for the fire. The kidnapping had to be part of their plan to frame and

kill her.

Furthermore, Yvette and Homer made a scene today only because she let them off the hook last time.

“Then… what about Cedric?”

“He has nothing to do with me.” When she said this, she felt as if she could not breathe.

She thought she was over him, but that was not the case.

Maia directed her gaze to the street outside the window. Prismara had undergone great changes within

a year, and so had she.

“Maia, if you need any help, just let me know, okay?”

“You’ve already helped me today.”

Maia picked up her phone and saw the top trending news online. There were many comments

about them..

“What kind of a fucked–up father Homer Burgess is? Aren’t Maia and Errol his children?”

“Yvette is such a bitch! She should go to jail!”

“Homer and Yvette had it coming! Maia has my support, alright.”

As Maia browsed through the comments, a trending topic reached the top ten.

“Errol Burgess is mute!”

Maia frowned. Errol did not want everyone to know about his mutism, and Maia mentioned it because

she had no choice. She had no idea this would garner so much attention, let alone become such a hot


“What’s the matter?” Stopping at the red light, Nigel noticed Maia’s expression. “Something


Maia shook her head, not wanting him to worry. She then made a call. “Hello, Dawn? I’m Maia.

“Good evening, Ma’am.”

“Make the announcement on Twitter,” she said firmly.

“Ma’am, you want to tell anyone about your appointment as Starlight’s CEO now?”

Dawn, who worked in the Public Relations Department, thought she had misheard Maia.



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“Yes, right now.”

“Okay, I’m on it.”

A minute later, Starlight Entertainment’s Twitter account announced Maia as CEO. All of a sudden, the

topic topped the trending list.

Netizens were astounded by Maia’s ability to take over the company after being missing for a


Meanwhile, a black luxury car moved along the quiet street. Baz handed a tablet to Cedric, who sat in

the back seat.

“Mr. Cedric, Starlight Entertainment announced that Ms. Maia is their new CEO.”

Cedric frowned as he placed his document on the table and read the post.

In the accompanying image, Maia was dressed in a suit with her hair up, giving off a businesswoman


“I don’t get it. This is an important announcement. Why did they announce it at night?” Baz asked as it

was almost 9 p.m.

Cedric chuckled and tossed the tablet back to him. He pulled up Twitter on his phone and saved her

photo, then liked the post.

“It wasn’t planned.”

Seeing what Cedric was doing, Baz was both astonished and puzzled. “What do



Cedric pointed at the tenth trending topic, “Errol Burgess is mute!“.

Upon refreshing, it had disappeared.

“She did this to distract people from the topic?”