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World Travel Simulator System In Modern Society

Chapter 344 Burn In Hell, Heretic
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Chapter 344 Burn In Hell, Heretic

With the Omni Energy Authority, Alister had already made up for his flaws in terms of the energy within his body.

Furthermore, the Omni Energy Authority has another function and that is to devour the energy of others and use it to feed his Omni Energy. He could devour both owned and unowned energy.

Examples of unowned energy were wind energy, lightning energy, electricity, etc. On the other hand, unowned energy was energies such as the chaos-attributed mana inside Zanna's body.

Aside from his lack of power levels, Alister was virtually invincible now. As long as it wasn't someone way above his power level, he was invincible in the spower level and he could even fight those above his power level as long as they weren't that powerful.

After Alister's declaration, the world powerhouses who were watching what had happened here were eagerly anticipating the aftermath of this shocking event.

When Dunstan the Human Grand Mage, the Pope, and the priests of the Fantasia Cult heard Alister's declaration, their faces turned grim as they knew that they were currently in a life-and-death situation. They knew that if they didn't do anything, then they would incur the wrath of the Goddess Fantasia.

Without any hesitation, the Pope teleported to the underground room of the heretical church and started unsealing the ancient human powerhouses!

Alister noticed the Pope's actions even when the Pope was inside the holy church. There was nothing in this world that could hinder his All-Seeing Heavenly Eyes!

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"Prepare yourself. The Pope is about to unseal the ancient human powerhouses and use them to attack us. With that Pope who can turn black into white, he will likely inform the ancient human powerhouses that we are fallen heroes."

"Not that it matters since it's already within our plan to eliminate the ancient human powerhouses as well as let the Goddess of Fantasy descend into this world with her avatar."

Hearing Alister's words, Zanna and the rest of the heroes nodded. They felt like their current line-up was bullying the holy church but they didn't care.

While the Pope started unsealing the ancient human powerhouses sealed under the holy church, Dunstan released his magic pressure but used it to protect the priests and believers.

After ensuring the protection of the priests and believers inside the holy church, Dunstan teleported out of the underground room of the holy church and appeared above the church.

Facing Alister, Dunstan decided to delay tfor the Pope so that the Pope could unseal all of the ancient human powerhouses.

With that plan in mind, Dunstan asked Alister, "Have we ever offended you? As far as I remember, both the human race and the Fantasia Religion have never offended you as well as the Primordial Spirit of Chaos and the rest of the heroes."

Hearing Dunstan's question, Alister could already see through Dunstan's intentions of stalling time. After all, his All-Seeing Heavenly Eyes could see what the Pope was doing in the underground room of the heretical church.

Alister sneered at Dunstan's pathetic attempt, "Heh. Die."

With just Alister's words alone, Dunstan lost any signs of life and died.

With his Unpredictable Chaos Authority, Alister could do whatever he wanted as long as he had the energy to pay for his actions. So if he wanted someone to die with just his words alone, then as long as they weren't that strong, they would have no choice but to die.

It could be said that Alister's Unpredictable Chaos Authority was like using hacks in the real world.

'If I didn't agree with the system in collaborating with Lilyana Rue Fae, I wouldn't have been able to obtain the hero classes and hero authorities. It was a wise decision to agree with that collaboration.'

Having that thought in mind, Alister decided to do his end of the bargain and ensure that Fantasia's cult was replaced with Lilyana Rue Fae's religion.

With that plan in mind, Alister waved his hand and spoke, "All heretics shall be executed by hanging!"

With just his words alone, Alister dictated the lives of all the believers and priests of the Fantasia religion.

They all appeared in the sky as their neck dangled on the hanging rope.

Alister's ruthlessness and cruelty chilled the spines of those world powerhouses who were watching this shocking event.

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Although they already expected that Alister would win since he has the entire hero party at his command while the strongest native Zanna was also on his side, they didn't expect that he would be ruthless enough to execute believers of the Fantasia religion including those of young ages.

As long as they were a believer of Fantasia, Alister didn't care about their age and gender. He let them experience what it was like to play on the neck swing a hundred kilometers above ground.

After executing those heretics, Alister didn't execute the pope yet since he waited for the pope to unseal the ancient human powerhouses.

Alister planned to eliminate all of the human powerhouses to showcase his strength and dominance in Fantasia as well as force Fantasia to descend into the Magic Fantasy World.

The pope was shocked after seeing the paladins in the underground room disappear but nevertheless, the pope continued the awakening process of those ancient human powerhouses.

"As the greatest heretic who served the evil goddess, the Pope will be executed by burning at the stake! May the flames of retribution cleanse his sinful soul!"

Alister declared after he noticed that the pope had awakened those ancient human powerhouses.

A wooden stake appeared at the front gate of the holy church and the pope of the Fantasia Cult was tied to it.

Afterward, flammable slliquid appeared out of nowhere above the pope and drenched him in it.

"Burn in hell, heretic."

Pointing his middle finger towards the pope, a beam of fiery light appeared on his middle finger and hit the corner of the wooden stake. The beam of fiery light ignited the flammable slliquid and the pope was now being burned at the stake!