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World Travel Simulator System In Modern Society

Chapter 36 Why Does He Need To Save A Beautiful Girl?
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Chapter 36 Why Does He Need To Save A Beautiful Girl?

Walking in the streets, Alister realized that the world was this beautiful. Unlike before, his cautious personality prevented him from enjoying the beauty of the world.

After all, he was constantly having the mindset that if he was weak, he would easily die from an accident that could have been prevented if he was powerful enough.

But now that he was a 9th-level transcendent, only a few monsters could pose a threat to his safety.

Eventually, Alister arrived at the supermarket. He had some pocket money given to him by his parents so he used that to purchase food supplies.

The tissue rolls were no longer on his shopping list and his flash drive was already freed with 1 terabyte of storage. After all, he had already slept with Lynn so he didn't need to train his hand speed anymore.

After filling his shopping cart with food products with most of them being instant foods, Alister headed to the cashier to pay for all of these. After a few minutes had passed, Alister finally heaved a sigh of relief that nothing bad happened and his food supplies were secured.

But when he left the supermarket, he noticed that an explosion had occurred in the supermarket. A huge tentacle monster had descended from a dimensional gate above the supermarket.

An oval-shaped crack in the sky was none other than the dimensional gate and the ten-meter-tall tentacle monster had descended from it.

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Alister was about to leave but he then saw a teenage girl walking towards the ruined supermarket. She rescued the survivors in the supermarket but Alister only shook his head in disappointment.

'Sigh, are youths nowadays this hot-blooded? She is only a 3rd-level transcendent yet the tentacle monster is at 7th-level. Does she love seeking death that much or is she tired of living?'

'Anyways, this doesn't concern me. Not like I haven't witnessed such death and tragedies in the Zombie World. Compared to the Zombie World, this world has a higher power level limit than the Zombie World yet is far more peaceful and has lesser casualties.'

After gazing at the beautiful teenage girl as if he expected her to become the excrement of the tentacle monster, Alister acted scared and afraid then picked up his shopping bags.

He immediately fled from the scene like what a weak civilian would do. Even if someone managed to capture his actions via the CCTV cameras, Alister was confident that his acting wouldn't be seen through.

As for the 7th-level monster, Alister was confident that he could save the beautiful girl from it. The 7th-level monster was only at the level of power comparable to an S-rank evolved zombie.

But… why does he need to save that beautiful teenage girl?

For chivalry?

Noblesse oblige?

Because the teenage girl was beautiful?

Heh, Alister doesn't give a fuck about those. He already has Lynn so why would he need to act like a teenager driven by hormones?

Although Alister wasn't against starting a harem and he even wanted to have a harem, not every girl could be part of his harem.

Aside from that 3rd-level transcendent teenage girl being beautiful, she was pretty much trash in terms of personality, mindset, as well as power. For Alister, she wasn't worthy to be saved by him nor was she worthy to even have sex with him.

Alister knew that he was destined to become a god in the future. He would even become a World God after he obtained ownership of the Zombie World.

From that alone, that teenage girl wasn't worthy of him. From a rational point of view, Alister knew that saving the teenage girl would only bring him more trouble and barely any benefits.

'If the top powerhouses in this world found out that a non-transcendent with a 0-star talent became a 9th-level transcendent under a week, wouldn't they find me suspicious? They might even label me as a monster in disguise or those parasitic types of monsters.'

'So to not expose myself until I am powerful enough, I'll just have to be as low-key as possible.'

With those thoughts in mind, Alister indifferently witnessed the 3rd-level transcendent fighting against the 7th-level tentacle monster while fleeing from the scene.

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After managing to flee from the vicinity of the supermarket, the last scene that Alister saw was the beautiful teenage girl being penetrated and raped by those tentacles.

'At least she hadn't died. Or maybe her mind was already broken by the tentacle monster and she wanted to die instead. Nevertheless, at least I have verified that what happened in those hentai with the tentacles tag had also happened in real life.'

After successfully escaping from the supermarket without getting discovered by the 7th-level tentacle monster, Alister returns to his house safe and sound.

He was fortunate enough that not even his shopping bags nor his clothes were damaged. Although, that didn't go the same for that suicidal girl.

When he entered his house, Alister locked the door and recalled the experiences he had in the outside world.

"As much as possible, I shouldn't go out of my house. I didn't expect that the outside world was this dangerous. Not to mention, there are also suicidal idiots who clearly overestimated their strength."

"Although I am not against them playing as the heroes to save another human life since that's a noble deed, that's only if they have the power to not only save others but also themselves. Well, at least I can't deny that the suicidal girl had provided me enough time to flee from the tentacle monster."

"Thanks to that girl, I wasn't forced to use my superpowers. So at least her sacrifice wasn't in vain. If she somehow died after giving birth to the eggs of that tentacle monster, she should learn to be more selfish in her next life or else she would meet Uncle Yama again."

Alister recalled the demise of that suicidal girl and he couldn't help but shake his head in disappointment again.

"She had saved hundreds of human lives in exchange for hers and I don't deny that. But is it worth it? If you want to live long in this cruel world, you should be as cautious, selfish, and indifferent as me."

"Only when you have enough power can you dare to pull off those dangerous stunts."

"But for now, since I am not powerful enough, I might as well become stronger as soon as possible in secrecy."