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World Travel Simulator System In Modern Society

Chapter 37 Start The Full-Dive Simulation In Zombie World!
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Chapter 37 Start The Full-Dive Simulation In Zombie World!


[The Full-Dive Simulation is now ready.]

[Does the host want to perform a full-dive simulation for the world's ownership or move on to a new simulation world?]

[Yes] | [No]

Awakening him from his sleep was none other than the notification of the World Travel Simulator System.

Alister had commanded his system before to notify him of the start of his simulation. So after receiving the system notification, Alister was overjoyed instead of annoyed that his system had interrupted him from his sleep.

He wasn't an unreasonable fellow. Since it was his doings that the system notified him which resulted in his sleep being disturbed, then only he could blame himself and not the system who listened to his command.

Not to mention, Alister was excited to participate in the full-dive simulation to experience the Zombie World firsthand and meet with Lynn Conway. He was also interested in meeting his so-called sister in the Zombie World.

After Alister had finished reading the text displayed on the system notification, Alister pressed the [Yes] button.

Afterward, Alister saw that the world around him had lost its color, an indication of the world's time being stopped.

A system screen appeared in front of him after the world's time was stopped.

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[The host can choose three of these talents: Preschooler (Blue), Juggler (White), Handsome Fatty (Green), Shota Henshin (Blue), and Prodigy (Gold)]

[Preschooler (Blue): You transmigrate in the world when you were a preschooler, specifically at the age of 4.]

[Juggler (White): You are very good at juggling. You can juggle at least five objects.]

[Handsome Fatty (Green): You are fat but handsome.]

[Shota Henshin (Purple): You can transform into a cute young boy, but you have to beware of those shotacons.]

[Prodigy (Gold): You are a prodigy in everything; whether it's research, academics, magic, combat, and many more.]

After remembering that in the last simulation, his younger sister was abducted when he was 6 years old, Alister decided to prevent it.

So, he chose the Preschooler (Blue), Shota Henshin (Purple), and Prodigy (Gold) talents.


[The host has chosen the following talents: Preschooler (Blue), Shota Henshin (Purple), and Prodigy (Gold)]


[Starting the? full-dive simulation in [Zombie World]…]


[The host will be transmigrated into the [Zombie World] at the age of 4 (Effect of Preschooler talent) in 3…]



After the countdown reached 1, Alister suddenly lost consciousness.


Opening his eyes, Alister finally regained his consciousness.

He surveyed his surroundings and found himself in a modern bedroom. He was currently lying on his bed but he somehow felt that the world around him looked quite big from his perspective.

Placing his hands in front of his eyes, Alister noticed that it was smaller than his previous hands.

Taking a glance at the window in his room, Alister discovered that his appearance looked quite cute. His appearance seemed to be at the age of 4.

Yet from what he could feel, his SSS-rank Initial Stage power was still contained in his body. His muscle memory and combat experience didn't disappear even after his transmigration into this world when at the age of 4.

"It seems that I have successfully transmigrated into this world."

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Alister muttered as he took a glance at the outside world through the window in his bedroom.

It was the same modern city in his home world. There weren't many differences from his home world when compared to the Zombie World.

Of course, that was when the zombie apocalypse hadn't started in the zombie world yet.

"If the zombie apocalypse hasn't started in this world, wouldn't that destroy the law and fate of this world? After all, this world was called a Zombie World for that reason."

"So the problem is, should I prevent the zombie apocalypse? Killing Yun Ren will prevent the zombie apocalypse since he is the mastermind of the zombie apocalypse. The zombie virus was created by him and as long as I kill him, not only can I prevent or at least delay the zombie apocalypse, but I can also prevent Alice from being abducted."

"I am currently at 4 years old. When I was 6 years old, Alice was abducted. So in two years, Alice will be abducted but it will also be a lot earlier or later due to the butterfly effect."

"According to the memories of this body, this day should be when my parents had asked me to attend preschool. But spending my time there will be just a waste of time. I can just study at home since my gold-grade Prodigy talent can allow me to learn a lot faster in everything."

Alister pondered over his current situation. He remembered that at this time, his parents had asked him to attend preschool.

For a college graduate, reliving his preschool life would be like a max-level player going back to the newbie starter village. It would undoubtedly be bullying those poor preschoolers.

Alister didn't want to waste his time in preschool since he couldn't stand being with those preschoolers.

"The memories I had in the previous simulations had included the memories of this childhood. Although it wasn't mentioned in the simulation, the memory and life experience reward had included it."

"According to those memories, my family's economy was in mid-class. But my father somehow got scammed and due to that, he was in a huge million-dollar debt."

"However, the debt seemed to have been paid after my young sister's abduction. So it was likely that my parents had sold my younger sister to Yun Ren or at least Yun Ren's subordinates in exchange for a million dollars."

"Does my younger sister have any good quirks? Was she worth the million dollars that even Yun Ren didn't mind paying that much for her life? After all, the sad reality is that not everyone in this world is worth a million dollars."

"The self in the simulation had speculated that and it's likely true. If my parents had sold my younger sister, then they should just die! It's not like I am not independent enough to live alone with my younger sister."

After Alister had grasped his current situation, he swore that if it was his parents who had willingly sold his younger sister to Yun Ren for a million dollars, then he would make sure that his parents would die an "accidental" death.