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Limitless Evolution: The Path To Immortality

Limitless Evolution: The Path To Immortality
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Limitless Evolution: The Path To Immortality

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    Summary Seth Evergreen was the greatest scientist of his time. With his insatiable hunger for knowledge and groundbreaking diveries, he had made Earth reach new heights of prosperity and scientific advancements.But everything changed when he stumbled upon the life equation, cracking it and divering the fabled 'healing far.'Seth believed he had found the key eternal youth and announced his divery the world in the form of a new drug. But then the mutations began. The human body, it seemed, was not meant be perfect.The drug's effects began spiral out ofntrol, creating monsters out of those who had taken it. After spending 7 years trying remedy his mistake, he finally gave up and pulled the trigger.But when he opened his eyes again, he found himself in a world unlike anything he had ever seen before. The world of Gilea, where magic and mana exist, and the strong prey on the weak.Determinedmplete what he had failed do in his last life, Seth, now known as Silas Skylark, sets out bme the strongest mage, take Gilea out of the dark ages and i an age of prosperity and change.Unbeknownst him, the life equation branded itself i his soul, morphing his body and mind i a being with only one goal.. evolve!But as the shadow of his past looms over him and powerful forces seekntrol him, Silas must oveme weaknesses and reach new heights.Will he succeed in his quest bring prosperity and change this world, or will his past sinsme back haunt him once again? You’re reading “Limitless Evolution: The Path Immortality” on See all Hide

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