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The Walker Of Voids-Novel

The Walker Of Voids-Novel
151 Chapters
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The Walker Of Voids-Novel

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    Summary In the year 2093, mysterious energy known as mana descended upon Earth for the very first time in millions of years. People began spontaneously awaken, allowing them gain supernatural abilities, classifications, and affinities.Simultaneously, dungeons with immaculate treasures and horrid monsters began appear all over the world, forcing humanity standgether in order survive.Lloyd Elrod was a simple boy at first. He was a boy with no power and little no social standing, yet that all changed on the day before his awakening ceremony. The day he became what the humans and the other races saw as a monster.[Weme the Void]It was the day he became a Void Walker. A race capable of growing faster than any other. A race with individuals capable of putting an entire civilization created by a multitude of races on the brink ofllapse and walking i the Void itself.Having bme a part of the most wanted race in the universe, Lloyd is forced hide and fight keep his freedom. In order not be restrained by those he once saw as his brethren, he must bme strongest.Will Lloyd be found out? Will he finally earn his freedom and haventrol of his own fate? Join Lloyd in his journey of joy, sorrow, grief, and pain as he climbs thep and bmes the most powerful creature in existence. You’re reading “The Walker Of Voids” on See all Hide