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Not One, But Two!

Not One, But Two!
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Not One, But Two!

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    Read Not One, But Two! by joy. Genre: Chinese s. Read the full online for free hereNot One, But Two! by joy ful chapter at . Genre: Romance A man named Greg Buckley is hiding in a back alley after being injured. He overhears Emma Kain, who has just drugged and dumped Abigail Kain, tell someone on the phone toe and deal with the drugged girl. Emma leaves, and Abigail falls on Greg, who is trying to move her when he hears men approaching. In a panic, he jumps onto a wall with Abigail in tow, but the adrenaline rush fades, and they both fall to the ground. Abigail, still affected by the drug, starts to remove Greg's clothes and kisses him. Greg is humiliated after being naked and taken to the hospital, where his assistant Troy informs him that they have not been able to find the woman who stole his belongings and slapped him. In a fit of rage, Greg demands that Troy find her or else face dire consequences. Abigail returns home after seeing Greg being taken to the hospital, feeling the pain of what happened the night before and the realization that her relationship with Jonathan is now over. In a fit of rage, Abigail confronts her sister Emma and slaps her, accusing her of being wicked andplicit in what happened to her the night before. Emma denies the accusation and turns the narrative against Abigail by accusing her of cheating on Jonathan. Themotion wakes up Philip Kain, Abigail's father, who demands to know what is going on.