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Belated Romance (Mu Tongrui)

Belated Romance (Mu Tongrui)
400 Chapters
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Belated Romance (Mu Tongrui)

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    Read Belated Romance (Mu Tongrui) by joy. Genre: Chinese s. Read the full online for free hereBelated Romance (Mu Tongrui) by Joy full chapter at . Genre: Billionaire The story revolves around Mu Tongrui, a desperate young woman who agrees to sign a contract for a large sum of money. The contract entails her bing pregnant and staying confined in a location for ten months, without any contact with the outside world. Mu Tongrui agrees to the conditions but requests that the money be deposited into her account once she bes pregnant. Later that evening, a man enters the dark room where Mu Tongrui is waiting. They engage in intimate activities, which cause Mu Tongrui physical and emotional pain. This continues for several nights until Mu Tongrui finally bes pregnant. During her pregnancy, Mu Tongrui is not allowed to see her baby or contact anyone outside. Eventually, she gives birth in a villa, and the baby is immediately taken away from her. Mu Tongrui is left wondering about her baby's gender and fate. Returning home after ten months, Mu Tongrui discovers her boyfriend, Jian Zhe, engaging in a relationship with her step-sister, Shen Wanyue. Feeling betrayed and resentful, Mu Tongrui realizes that Jian Zhe and Shen Wanyue are both scoundrels. The story highlights Mu Tongrui's desperate situation, her sacrifices for her family, and the subsequent betrayal she experiences from those she trusted... Read Belated Romance (Mu Tongrui) by Joy full chapter at .