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Super CEO Daddy

Super CEO Daddy
735 Chapters
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Super CEO Daddy

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    Read Super CEO Daddy by Bravo. Genre: Chinese s. Read the full online for free hereSuper CEO Daddy (Another name: Perfect CEO) by Bravo. Genre: Romance Gwendolyn Ashton is plagued by recurring dreams involving a passionate encounter with an unidentified man. In her latest dream, the man presents her with a diamond ring, confirming her suspicion that she is dreaming. However, she is abruptly awakened by a splash of cold water, only to discover her stepmother, Candace, and half-sister, Felicia, standing before her. They reveal that Gwendolyn fainted at a family banquet and is now pregnant at the age of eighteen, much to her disbelief. Gwendolyn accuses them of drugging her and orchestrating the situation. Enraged, Gwendolyn confronts Candace and Felicia, assaulting them physically. However, she is restrained by bodyguards while they taunt and belittle her. Felicia reveals that the old man with whom Gwendolyn supposedly shared a bed has abandoned her, further adding to her humiliation. The situation escalates when Candace brandishes a knife and plans to kill Gwendolyn to secure Felicia's position as the family's heir. Gwendolyn's desperate cries for help go unanswered, and Candace proceeds to stab her, leaving her in excruciating pain. As Gwendolyn collapses to the floor, she vows revenge against Candace and Felicia, who callously order the bodyguards to dispose of her lifeless body. Read Super CEO Daddy (Perfect CEO)

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