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The Quadruplets Are Mine?

The Quadruplets Are Mine?
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The Quadruplets Are Mine?

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    Read The Quadruplets Are Mine? by Bravo. Genre: Chinese s. Read the full online for free hereThe Quadruplets Are Mine? by Bravo full chapter. Genre: Romance Emmeline Louise, a young woman, is attacked in her hotel room by an unknown assailant who forces himself upon her. She is unable to see his face or identify him. Later, she discovers she is pregnant as a result of the assault and is subsequently disowned by her family. Five years later, Emmeline sees a news report about Abel Ryker, the head of the Ryker Group, who is returning from overseas to visit his critically ill father, Oscar Ryker. Emmeline suspects that Abel may be the man who assaulted her. She takes her son, Hesperus, and goes to the hospital where Oscar is admitted, hoping to find Abel and seek help for her son's medical condition. However, she is confronted by Abel's fiancée, Alana Lane, and her acquaintances who belittle and insult Emmeline. In a bold move, Emmeline hints that Hesperus is Abel's son, causing a stir among the onlookers who notice the family resemblance. The story leaves the question hanging as to whether Hesperus is indeed Abel's child. Read The Quadruplets Are Mine?

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